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Routines between points

Knowing how to cope with pressure in any competition is one of the key factors that separate the level of professionals amongst their peers. We all develop our own way of coping with this stress, that tends to fall under of the following categories:

Tank response

Choke response

Anger Response

Challenge Response

Here is the 4 step Routine developed by Jim Loehr

Step 1 - Physical Response

(right after the point is finished) 3-5 seconds

Physical cues

Self talk

​Racquet out of dominant hand

"No problem"

Racquet is carried by throat


Turn away from mistake

"Come on"

Shoulders back and up, chin parallel to the ground

​"Let it go"

Arms hanging freely on sides

Eyes forward and down

Step 2 - Relaxation Response

5-15 seconds

Physical cues

Self talk

Non-stop, high energy walk


Eyes to strings


​Deep breathe


​Stretch, shake, bend hands and feet

"Settle down"

Contract & relax specific muscles


Step 3 - Preparation Response

3-5 seconds

Physical cues

Self talk

Stop 1m behind the baseline

Register the score

Assume strong and confident position

Think of one or two points in your game plan

Focus eyes on opponent's side of the court

​Decide what you want to do in the point

Rehearse your 1st stroke of the point (visualization)

Step 4 - Ritual Response

5-8 seconds

Review the 5 step routine for a better serve article 

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