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Efficiency in training process!

Practicing with different coaches can only

make your development process richer, but only if all of them know what is the line of work to follow!

Following up on an idea from a previous post about training guidelines ( where we highlighted the importance of using these references in terms of volume of training, it is now left to say that not only quantity matters!

One of the first quality checks to be made when it comes to the player development is to make sure there is a line of work on a long term perspective being followed. To make this happen you need a point of start, an ID of the player, where we can find all of the information we need to really know the player (age, height, weight, previous injuries, training program, number of tournaments played and its results, etc).

That is the reason why we include this document in all the programs we deliver ( Thinking about the ones that have no tennis identification, a small but valuable document that guides the coach that conducts the session on what are your areas of work and the ones you already master.

Evaluating from 1 to 10 the skills that you should master according to LTAD programs shared by several federations across the world (Canadian, Australian, Norwegian) we can define the major areas of work and your strengths. The fact that training guidelines exist is very important, because we can know for sure what are the proper skills that a player should be able to develop, according to his/her age.

We consider this an essential since it ensures that none of the three parts involved in process of development (player, parent and coach) will lose another hour with an evaluation session/s everytime they play away from their "home club".

In addition, it will also allow a better line of communication between coaches. Making this document your tennis ID to whoever you work with!

Free your self from overvaluations and get more time to work in what you actually need!

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