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Updated: May 10, 2019

The main porpuse of this blog is to leave a record of my vision on some aspects where I feel I can deliver valid opinion based not only on my own expericence but also on the scientific approach I can deliver after attending a 3 year college degree on Sport Science applied to Tennis Training among other courses.

Why the name OverNet ?

The name come from the fact that I believe the biggest obstacle to tennis further acceptance as a more popular sport is the lack of communication across the parts that have most contact with the clients (coaches and clubs) and the mission of this project is to surpass that net. Across the world the sport is decreasing the levels of popularity meaning less participants not only in tennis clubs and in federation events (tournaments, gatherings..), it is time for tennis professionals to get together and work on a common ground.

Why the logo?

The two circles that make the logo intend to make allusion to

1- Necessary unification of the tennis community

2- To the theory behind the score system in this sport (check link under to see the story)

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