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Common Ground


This is not necessary, it's mandatory! We need to be able to approach an athlete and know exactly which part of the process he is in. We need to establish some key points where we can all start from!

Today, you still have to able as a coach to pull out the stage of development YOU THINK, this athlete is in... yes this is a ideosyncratic view. Player development can't be a "one man idea" way.

There are some federations that are starting interesting projects with this ultimate goal in mind, giving out some information on how to develop an athlete on a long term perspective. This information is very valuable, at the moment is available allover the internet for everyone to see. With this said, it requires further actions, people on the field that can put this plans to practice delivering not only courses but also close contact with coaches and clubs making sure this plan is followed.

After this part of process has been put into practice, it’s time for the parts that contact closer with the client (clubs and coaches) to follow it!

Look more into the guidelines that are given out by people that investigated this for years, like internacional federations, college studies and stop the “home cooking” of new recipes and success formulas. Talk the same language and not 1000 different dialects.

Remember, this is just talking the same language, not working the same way!

If you are interested in starting this conversation check out the links below that will take you to the websites of different federations that are on the way of building a common ground! - NTF Player Development Plan - Australian Tennis Federation Player Development Plan


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