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An in-depth look on the Overnet Masterclasses

First of all, the Overnet Team wishes you a Happy 2020, hoping it´s a great year, filled with success and conquers!

If you have been paying attention, we have included masterclasses in our services.

Masterclasses are 1 hour training sessions which have a very precise goal. We created these offer in order to really focus on one and only one part of the game (that being service or forehand, for example).

To maximise the efficiency of these classes, we follow a set of 5 principles that, if applied correctly, have a substantial impact on a player´s performance:

1.- Task:

Despite what many people may think, coaching isn´t really as straightforward as it may seem. To get results, training sessions development programs have to be carefully planned.

That being said, we need so be able to quickly evaluate the players strong and weak points, so that we can decide what our focus is going to be in the masterclass.

2.- Repetition:

It´s so simple that most of the times we end up forgetting it. If we want to get better at something, we need to practice it (and therefore repeat it) as much as possible.

This means that if you want to progress and develop harmoniously, you need to invest in yourself. You need to keep pushing during a long period of time, because, as we´ve stated on previous articles, results don´t come overnight! It´s a long road, but a very pleasant one!

3.- Intensity:

Following up on the previous point, it´s important to repeat the skill we want to improve on, but it´s also crucial that we repeat it with intensity (if we want to improve on our service, we need to do service drills more regularly).

There´s no point in wanting to improve in a certain part of the game if we are not going to train it on a regular basis.

4.- Motivation:

Motivation is a key ingredient for the improvement of a player´s performance. It´s essential, because if the player has no motivation regarding his training regime, we won´t be committed and won´t work as hard.

In other words, the player has to love the game, because if he doesn´t, he won´t be able to withstand the highs and lows that tennis will eventually lead him up to.

5.- Feedback:

Development doesn´t end at the end of a training session. It´s a continuous process, and that´s why, at the end of each masterclass, we have to provide feedback to the player about what went well and went didn´t go to plan in that session. Furthermore, coaches must set goals for the following training sessions, so that the player knows exactly what are the key points he has to develop.

In addition, the player should give feedback to the coach regarding his thoughts of the class, so that the coach can get a grip on what he needs to change in order to make the training session more appealing to the young player (we shouldn´t forget that a more appealing training session is likely to increase the player motivation levels, which is going to positively impact his performance levels).

In conclusion, we hope we got across our message on why masterclasses are important for a player´s development, and on what each of us (player and coach) have to do to reach the common goal.

Visit our website to find more information about the masterclasses that will be available in the upcoming months!

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